Rum Raisin
Item#: 53522 UPC: 70494-11423-1
Raisins in Rum Flavored Ice Cream
Feature Flavor
Sea Salt Caramel Nut
Item#: 56910 UPC: 41483-03864-7
Mixed Nuts with Ribbons of Sea Salt Caramel
in Caramel Flavored Ice Cream
Item#: 54185 UPC: 41483-01143-5
Almond Pieces in Vanilla and Pistachio
Nut Flavored Ice Cream
Item#: 54189 UPC: 41483-01144-2
Strawberry Chunks in Strawberry Ice Cream
Strawberry Cheesecake
Item#: 54190 UPC: 41483-00725-4
Strawberry Ribbons in Cheesecake
Flavored Ice Cream
Item#: 53999 UPC: 41483-02478-7
Red, Yellow and Blue Fruit Punch
Flavored Ice Cream
Peppermint Stick
Item#: 54161 UPC: 41483-01131-2
Red and Green Peppermint Candy Pieces in
Pink Colored Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream
Praline Pecan
Item#: 54171 UPC: 41483-01136-7
Pecan Pieces with Ribbons of Praline in
Praline Flavored Ice Cream
(available Sept. – Nov.)
Item#: 54175 UPC: 41483-01139-8
Pumpkin Pie Flavored Ice Cream
Rocky Road
Item#: 54179 UPC: 41483-01140-4
Roasted Almond Pieces with Ribbons of
Marshmallow in Chocolate Ice Cream
Rum Black Cherry
Item#: 54183 UPC: 41483-01142-8
Black Cherry Pieces in Rum Cherry
Flavored Ice Cream
Toasted Almond Fudge
Item#: 54197 UPC: 41483-01148-0
Toasted Almonds in Chocolate Fudge
Ice Cream
Toffee Crunch
(Butter Brickle)
Item#: 54035 UPC: 41483-01095-7
Toffee Chips in Butter Flavored Ice Cream
Waffle Cone Crunch
Item#: 57798 UPC: 41483-03633-9
Chocolate Covered Waffle Cone Pieces and
Ribbons of Caramel in Caramel Ice Cream
White Butter Pecan
Item#: 54201 UPC: 41483-01151-0
Roasted Pecan Pieces in White Vanilla
Flavored Ice cream
White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
Item#: 54141 UPC: 41483-02945-4
Raspberry Filled Chocolate Truffles and Ribbons
of Raspberry in White Chocolate Ice Cream
Zanzibar Chocolate
Item#: 54195 UPC: 41483-01153-4
Dark Chocolate Ice Cream
The superior solution for inspiring frozen dessert
creations that will
make your store a stand-out!
Kemps 3-gallon offering includes a wide array of consumer-preferred flavors in a
variety of frozen formats including full-fat/reduced-fat ice cream, frozen yogurt and sherbet.
Adding the perfect frozen finish to your restaurant
menu plan is easy with Kemps unmatched creamy
texture and perfectly balanced flavor profiles.
Our superior formulations
mean your
frozen dessert presentations not only look
great, but will wow your restaurant guests
with flavor!
Size Case Unit LWH
Unit Gross
Unit Net
Units/Plt. Tie/Tier Case Cube
9.875 x 9.875 x 10.25 14.23 LBS.
13.78 LBS.
*Denotes discontinued items.
Check for current availability.
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