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Bear Creek Caramel

Item#: 53993 UPC: 41483-02745-0

Caramel Filled Chocolate Cups and Ribbons

of Caramel in Caramel Ice Cream

Black Walnut

Item#: 53523 UPC: 70494-11409-5

Chopped Black Walnuts in Black Walnut

Flavored Ice Cream

Blueberry Cheesecake

Item#: 54029 UPC: 41483-01092-6

Blueberry Ribbons in Cheesecake

Flavored Ice Cream

Blue Moon

Item#: 54031 UPC: 41483-00727-8

Citrus and Spice Flavored Ice Cream

Bourbon Pecan


Item#: 53618 UPC: 41483-04161-6

Butter Pecan Ice Cream with a

Sweet Whiskey Revel

Brownie S’more

Item#: 53614 UPC: 41483-04125-8

Chocolate and Brownie Chunks with a

Marshmallow Swirl, Graham Cracker

Variegate in Graham Cracker Flavored

Ice Cream

Bubble Gum

Item#: 54033 UPC: 41483-01094-0

Rainbow Bubble Gum Pieces in Bubble

Gum Flavored Ice Cream

Butter Pecan

Item#: 54037 UPC: 41483-01096-4

Roasted Pecan Pieces in Butter Pecan

Flavored Ice Cream

Cake and Ice Cream

Item#: 54203 UPC: 41483-03284-3

Multi Colored Sprinkles and Yellow Cake

Pieces in Frosting Flavored Ice Cream

Caramel Turtle


Item#: 53643 UPC: 41483-03381-9

Chocolate Covered Peanut Pieces and

Ribbons of Caramel in Cheesecake Flavored

Ice Cream

Cherry Nut

Item#: 54053 UPC: 41483-01098-8

Bordeaux Cherries and Roasted Mixed Nuts

in Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream


Item#: 54065 UPC: 41483-01100-8

Chocolate Ice Cream Made with

Premium Cocoa

Chocolate Chip

Item#: 54069 UPC: 41483-01101-5

Chocolate Chips in Vanilla Flavored

Ice Cream

Chocolate Chip Cookie


Item#: 54070 UPC: 41483-01972-1

Chocolate Chips and Cookie Dough Chunks

in Cookie Dough Flavored Ice Cream

Chocolate Peanut

Butter Revel

Item#: 54077 UPC: 41483-01103-9

Peanut Butter Ribbons in

Chocolate Ice Cream


Item#: 54093 UPC: 41483-01105-3

Cinnamon Flavored Ice Cream


Coconut Castaway

Item#: 54156 UPC: 41483-04089-3

Coconut flavored ice cream with a coconut

swirl, chocolate chunks and almonds


Item#: 54097 UPC: 41483-01107-7

Coffee Flavored Ice Cream


Super Premium 16%

Item#: 54098 UPC: 41483-03992-7

Coffee flavored ice cream made with

16% butterfat

Cookies and Cream

Item#: 54099 UPC: 41483-01108-4

Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Pieces in

Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream

Cotton Candy

Item#: 54085 UPC: 41483-02536-4

Pink and Blue Cotton Candy Flavored

Ice Cream

Cotton Candy Confetti

Item#: 53633 UPC: 41483-03302-4

Candy Coated Chocolate Chips in Cotton

Candy Flavored Ice Cream

French Silk Pie

Item#: 54111 UPC: 41483-00049-1

French Silk Chocolate Ice Cream

with Ribbons of Marshmallow and

Chocolate Flakes


Item#: 54119 UPC: 41483-01115-2

Light Green Colored Crème de Mint

Flavored Ice Cream

Great Lakes Spumoni

Item#: 54255 UPC: 41483-01311-8

Diced Almonds in Chocolate, Pistachio and

Spumoni Fruit Flavored Ice Cream

Green Tea

Item#: 54280 UPC: 20652-10290-7

Green Tea Flavored Ice Cream

Java Chunk

Item#: 53640 UPC: 41483-03378-9

Chocolate Chunks in Coffee Flavored

Ice Cream

Jolted Cow™

Item#: 53617 UPC: 41483-04154-8

Sweet Cream Ice Cream Kissed with

Espresso and Swirled with Caramel and

Fudgy Brownies


Lemon Bar

Item#: 54155 UPC: 41483-04075-6

Lemon flavored ice cream with a graham

revel and lemon bar pieces

Licorice Chip

Item#: 54133 UPC: 41483-01119-0

Black Licorice Chips in Licorice Flavored

Ice Cream

Mackinaw Island Fudge

Item#: 54009 UPC: 41483-02768-9

Fudge Chunks and Ribbons of Chocolate in

Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream

Maple Nut

Item#: 54137 UPC: 41483-01121-3

Roasted Mixed Nuts in Maple Flavored

Ice Cream

Mint Chip

Item#: 54131 UPC: 41483-03081-8

Chocolate Chunks in Mint Ice Cream

Monster Cookie

Item#: 56909 UPC: 41483-03786-2

Candy Coated Chocolate Chunks and

Oatmeal Cookie Pieces with Ribbons of

Peanut Butter in Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream

Moose Tracks®

Item#: 53996 UPC: 41483-02541-8

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups and Ribbons

of Fudge in Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream


Item#: 54572 UPC: 41483-03282-9

Peach Flavored Ice Cream Made with

12% Butterfat

Peppermint Bon Bon

Item#: 54159 UPC: 41483-01129-9

Chocolate Flakes in Green Mint Ice Cream

Peppermint Stick

Item#: 54161 UPC: 41483-01131-2

Red and Green Peppermint Candy Pieces in

Pink Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream

Pirate’s Bounty™

Item#: 8165 UPC: 20652-10296-9

M&M’s® chocolate candies and chocolate

sandwich cookies in caramel flavored ice


Pistachio Almond

Item#: 53521 UPC: 41483-03867-8

Pistachio flavored ice cream with

slivered almonds

Praline Pecan

Item#: 54171 UPC: 41483-01136-7

Pecan Pieces with Ribbons of Praline in

Praline Flavored Ice Cream


Small Batch

(available Sept.–Nov.)

Item#: 54175 UPC: 41483-01139-8

Pumpkin Pie Flavored Ice Cream


Rich & Famous

Item#: 54153 UPC: 41483-04073-2

Rich chunks of brownies and our famous

cookie dough with a chocolate cookie revel

in vanilla flavored ice cream

Ripe Raspberry

Chocolate Chunk

Item#: 53630 UPC: 41483-03295-9

Raspberry Filled Chocolate Chunks in

Raspberry Flavored Ice Cream

Rocky Road

Item#: 54179 UPC: 41483-01140-4

Roasted Almond Pieces with Ribbons of

Marshmallow in Chocolate Ice Cream

Rum Black Cherry

Item#: 54183 UPC: 41483-01142-8

Black Cherry Pieces in Rum Cherry

Flavored Ice Cream

Sea Salt Caramel Nut

Item#: 56910 UPC: 41483-03864-7

Mixed Nuts with Ribbons of Sea Salt

Caramel in Caramel Flavored Ice Cream

Sea Salt Almond



Item#: 53616 UPC: 41483-04148-7

Vanilla Ice Cream with Salted Chocolate

Crunch Revel and Chocolate Almond Brittle

Sea Salt Malt Cookie



Item#: 53615 UPC: 41483-04133-3

Chocolate Cookie Chunks with Sea Salt in a

Chocolate Malt-Flavored Ice Cream


Item#: 54185 UPC: 41483-01143-5

Almond Pieces in Vanilla and Pistachio

Nut Flavored Ice Cream


Item#: 54189 UPC: 41483-01144-2

Strawberry Chunks in Strawberry

Ice Cream

Strawberry Cheesecake

Item#: 54190 UPC: 41483-00725-4

Strawberry Ribbons in Cheesecake

Flavored Ice Cream






Unit LWH

9.875 X 9.875 X 10.25

Unit Gross Weight

14.23 LBS.

Unit Net Weight

13.78 LBS.





Case Cube


* Denotes discontinued items.

Check for current availability.

Strawberry Rhubarb


Small Batch

(available April-June)

Item#: 54165 UPC: 41483-04105-0

Strawberry ice cream with strawberry

rhubarb swirl and pie pieces


Item#: 53999 UPC: 41483-02478-7

Red, Yellow and Blue Fruit Punch

Flavored Ice Cream

Toasted Almond Fudge

Item#: 54197 UPC: 41483-01148-0

Toasted Almonds in Chocolate Fudge

Ice Cream

Toffee Crunch

(Butter Brickle)

Item#: 54035 UPC: 41483-01095-7

Toffee Chips in Butter Flavored Ice Cream

White Butter Pecan

Item#: 54201 UPC: 41483-01151-0

Roasted Pecan Pieces in Vanilla Flavored

Ice Cream

White Chocolate

Raspberry Truffle

Item#: 54141 UPC: 41483-02945-4

Raspberry Filled Chocolate Truffles and

Ribbons of Raspberry in White Chocolate

Ice Cream

Zanzibar Chocolate

Item#: 54195 UPC: 41483-01153-4

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream